>> In a piece I'm working on, and only from bar 146 on, slurs which are
>> broken across systems, the first broken slur will be typeset short for
>> a reason I can't figure out.What could exclusively affect the length
>> of the first segment of broken slurs?Changing from PhrasingSlur to
>> Slur makes no difference.I'm stumped.The version is 2.18.2.
>Looks like the clef change in the lower system has something to do with
>David Kastrup

I confirm, the offending instances have the clef change in the bass.
The concern with fixing the first segment via \shape is the correction would be 
useful when the slur is broken, but undesirable when not.  We typeset the same 
source with different paper sizes, so there's a real chance fix, or no fix, one 
of the versions will show an undesirable slur shape.  Forcing or preventing a 
system break is non-ideal either.
Interestingly enough, I'm updating the piece from LilyPond 2.1.  LP v2.1 slur 
in this situation was not as affected by this (see attached).
Below is a minimal example that causes the issue/bug:

\version "2.18.2"\score {  <<     { c''2 c''4 c''\(  \break c''1\) }    { c''1 
\clef bass c' }    >>}
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