On 17 October 2016 at 13:00, Javier Ruiz-Alma <jav...@ruiz-alma.com> wrote:
> The concern with fixing the first segment via \shape is the correction would 
> be useful when the slur is broken, but undesirable when not.  We typeset the 
> same source with different paper sizes, so there's a real chance fix, or no 
> fix, one of the versions will show an undesirable slur shape.  Forcing or 
> preventing a system break is non-ideal either.

The second set of control points in \shape has to do double duty
depending on whether it is at the end of the slur or at a line break.
Perhaps more useful would be \shape taking the first point of the
first group and the last point of the last group if the slur is not

<wishfulthinking>Even better would be the ability to apply a totally
different set of points depending on the line breaking. This would be
trickier as a slur spanning three bars could potentially break in two
different places.</wishfulthinking> It would potentially make things
quite complicated.


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