Am 01.12.2016 um 20:31 schrieb Noeck:
> The *pros* of the edition-engraver with respect to maintainance:
> - You can keep the tweaks separated from the music, so it's easy to find
>   all of them and go through them
> - You have to touch less files depending on your setup.
> - Each tweak has a context and measure number so it's easy to find the
>   effect in the score. But point-and-click helps you in both cases.

Just adding one to these, while I still say that the *cons* are
important as long as the edition-engraver hasn't been merged in the
actual codebase:

- You can easily have sets of tweaks for different targets (e.g. parts
and score) maintained independently.

Urs Liska

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