> Am 01.12.2016 um 04:21 schrieb Kieren MacMillan:
> > > there is a good point in avoiding tweeks, because you can just 
> > > wait a few years and then magically you don't need it any longer ---
> > > because lilypond has become so much better and does it for you 
> > > automatically.
> > A little OT, but… If you use the edition-engraver, all tweaks
> > are external to the main Lily code, so when improvements are
> > made, you can fine-tune them in the edition file (or, in the
> > best case scenario, eliminate them altogether).
> OTOH, as long as the edition-engraver is not part of LilyPond itself
> this adds an admittedly non-trivial dependency to the score
> (non-trivial in the sense of sustainable).

Regarding the edition engraver, could it help with long term 
maintainance of scores ?

The problem is that lilyponds interfaces has changed over the years
with the associated problem of keeping the scores up to date. And
the updating process is slow, so everything that helps with
maintainance would be a good thing.

/Karl Hammar

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