Hi Markus,

> For my men's choir I need to set a score that is mostly in unison and
> only a few bars with multiple voices (TTB). I have set a few simple
> scores with the help of frescobaldi, but I have no idea how to set this
> score...
> I would like to have only one staff for TTB where the music is in unison
> and only to split up into three staffs when we have multiple voices.
> Could you help me with that, please?

This can be somewhat complicated — and the level of complication varies 
depending on how you want to manipulate the final content/score. (I'm doing 
several scores right now which are just as you describe, so I can speak from 
intimate experience.)

If you know exactly what the layout will be, and it really is just a few 
measures of split, and you're never going to reuse the material in a different 
format, then you should probably just use \new Staff at the moment you need it. 
There are examples of this all over the web (docs, LSR, probably Scores of 
Beauty, etc.).

If you want to try (or use) different layouts, or there are lots of 
alternations between unisons and splits, then I suggest putting each voice in a 
separate variable and using \partcombine and the keep-alive-engraver to 
manipulate which contexts are visible at any given time. Search for those terms 
(and "divisi", etc.) on the list and LSR to find out more details.


p.s. I really want to put together a demonstration/tutorial on this… but I'm 
always so swamped with work (commissions, engraving) that I can't seem to carve 
out the time.  =(  In any case, I hope these hints help point you in the right 

Kieren MacMillan, composer
‣ website: www.kierenmacmillan.info
‣ email: i...@kierenmacmillan.info

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