Urs I agree I have tried dragging a "good"  desktop file onto the Lilypond 
short cut and nothing happens. Re-installing Lily has made things worse (the 
latest 2.19.6 version cannot be downloaded but I had a saved file.)

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Am 6. März 2018 15:03:28 MEZ schrieb peter.gen...@sunscales.myzen.co.uk:
>I have been using Frescobaldi for years but today re-running old files 
>I see the following behaviour.
>The compilation proceeds for a while then halts with error -1073741819.
>happens on two different Windows 10 machines with different OS 
>versions. It happens when attempting to recompile old .ly files.
>Frescobaldi error messages are notoriously obscure.  I have uninstalled 
>ad re-installed Frescobaldi and rebooted to no effect.
>Does anyone have any suggestions to isolate this issue. I suspect it 
>may be about file permissions but that is just a suspicion.

I second Andrew's suspicion that it is not related to Frescobaldi at all. If 
Frescobaldi fails you would either get an error pop-up or in severe cases the 
Window might disappear.
If you can read about an error in the log window it's most likely a LilyPond 

Please compile your files directly using LilyPond from the command line, then 
report what is happening.


>Thanks for reading this far.

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