The issue has been narrowed down to the output stage.  It's very odd no
errors in the log until output is invoked.  No more time today some quiet
work tomorrow required.

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> I have been using Frescobaldi for years but today re-running old files 
> I see the following behaviour.
> The compilation proceeds for a while then halts with error 
> -1073741819. This happens on two different Windows 10 machines with 
> different OS versions. It happens when attempting to recompile old .ly
> Frescobaldi error messages are notoriously obscure.  I have 
> uninstalled ad re-installed Frescobaldi and rebooted to no effect.
> Does anyone have any suggestions to isolate this issue. I suspect it 
> may be about file permissions but that is just a suspicion.

I suspect this is just because failed assertions now make LilyPond abort
with an error message and you previously ignored them (which was almost a
given since distributed binaries of LilyPond completely omitted them).

David Kastrup

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