I don't believe it....

First thing this morning I try Fresco again.

1. very strange behavior the Fresco short cut image appeared in the Output
pane somewhat greyed out. Weird

2. I carry on and everything works as it should.

3. I don't like mysteries but as long as its working. 

Something odd in the bowels of windows I guess but what ???

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<peter.gen...@sunscales.myzen.co.uk> writes:

> I have been using Frescobaldi for years but today re-running old files 
> I see the following behaviour.
> The compilation proceeds for a while then halts with error 
> -1073741819. This happens on two different Windows 10 machines with 
> different OS versions. It happens when attempting to recompile old .ly
> Frescobaldi error messages are notoriously obscure.  I have 
> uninstalled ad re-installed Frescobaldi and rebooted to no effect.
> Does anyone have any suggestions to isolate this issue. I suspect it 
> may be about file permissions but that is just a suspicion.

I suspect this is just because failed assertions now make LilyPond abort
with an error message and you previously ignored them (which was almost a
given since distributed binaries of LilyPond completely omitted them).

David Kastrup

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