I understand that you may not like how the stem looks, but my goal was to 
preserve the organization of the notes in the manuscript which follows a 
harmonious and logical pattern.

About Facebook and other social media, I could not agree more. I myself am not 
in those websites. Social media are a tower of Babel of this generation which 
will crumble in time.

I completely understand and agree with your thoughts about privacy and personal 
boundaries- that is an absolutely legitimate concern, in fact the Bible says, 
"Cursed is he who moves their neighbor's boundary stone."

Notwithstanding I think it would be better to find a different signature 
because it may send a wrong idea about the intent. Moreover, we are made in the 
image of God who is upright and just and never does harm, and we should seek to 
reflect that image in us.


The Lord within her is righteous; he does no wrong. Morning by morning he 
brings his justice to light, and he fails not. (Zeph 3)
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