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Why don’t you write a regular e-mail but send a Word document that is classified as junk by my mail program?

The God’s words are a tool to defend one’s arguments. Opinions are changing and 
fleeting in time, and so are the quotes of men. But the Word of God stands fast 
for all generations, places, and times. It is written in the Psalms: […]

It’s weird how one can rely on the Word of God to discuss about everything including nick names on the internet …

Furthermore, music and talents are a gift of God […]
Nope. And also I don’t have to be religious just because I like Bach’s music and Bach was religious.

Please don’t get me wrong: I’m neither religious nor atheist. I just don’t care much about religion. And I don’t have anything against religious people. But could you please keep such off-topic things off this list?

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