Hi Robert,

Using a font is not how this is done in lilypond. It's a matter of defining
new symbols that can be used by the engraver modules for the notes, like
articulations and so on. This is fairly advanced to build from scratch, but
you can just use the results of the work I pointed to as a type of library,
without having to know all the low level details.

Looking for a font with Irish symbols is not the way to go.


On 15 April 2018 at 20:07, Robert Hickman <robehick...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes that's what I was looking for, thanks.
> I've also found that Grey has published a font with his symbols, how does
> one approach integrating fonts? Chris Throup, who  is linked to from the
> page  Andrew shared linked  to, suggests this is difficult to do.
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