David Nalesnik had nothing to do with this, behaved well and to the point and has been drawn into the mess you created because he signed by the same name as you.

Since I am big enough to apologize if I make a mistake.
When will you apologize for the mess you made on this thread for starting all this trouble with your snyde remarks and taunts ?

Are YOU big enough ?

On 2018-08-10 05:34, David Kastrup wrote:
liebre...@grossmann-venter.com writes:

Narcissism  unfortunately never shows anything else in tbe
mirror. This post proves it. Go read all posts in chronological order
and then tell me who started the vitriol. Your little stabs and bites
for no reason just to get a reaction. Who do you think you are. Well
now you get the reaction.

Everyone on this particular post acted civil except you,

Well, that awfully sounds like you failed to notice the difference
between "David Nalesnik" and "David Kastrup" since you have been bashing
both.  I think that a fair share of your offense may be attributable to
not having recognized our respective communication to come from
different people.

Now I am often cryptic, sometimes acerbic and not overly socially
skilled. As a result, I am somewhat used to people reacting unfavorably to me and have little doubt I deserve most of it, not necessarily in the sense "asked for it" but more in the "expecting other reactions would be unrealistic". I was the one who brought in the not particularly greatly
received nitpicking about licensing that also caught, among others,
David Nalesnik on the wrong foot through no fault of his.

As opposed to me, David Nalesnik is friendly, helpful, and very
competent.  He is one of the strongholds in the user community making
LilyPond reach its full potential in the hand of its users (in contrast,
as a core programmer I am more involved with changing that potential
rather than utilizing it).

You are doing him an extreme injustice.  He has my apologies for my
likely part in siccing you on him (since telling apart different people
in an electronic communication is not easy, particularly if they share a
name) but that does not really justify your invectives.

Whatever names you want to call me: you owe David Nalesnik an apology.

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