I thought we were asked to stop this?

Please dont post in any of my other threads and I wont post in yours.
It will keep the peace.

I do not intend to continue this discussion in this thread unless provoked.

Lets leave it at that and I will abide by the request to take this elsewhere.

On 2018-08-10 10:58, David Kastrup wrote:
liebre...@grossmann-venter.com writes:

David Nalesnik had nothing to do with this, behaved well and to the
point and has been drawn into the mess you created because he signed
by the same name as you.

Since I am big enough to apologize if I make a mistake.
When will you apologize for the mess you made on this thread for
starting all this trouble with your snyde remarks and taunts ?

Are YOU big enough ?

I had already apologized to Mason Hock for nitpicking regarding the
licensing situation.  As the ensuing discussion clearly showed, the
level of accuracy I indulged in was not conducive for the general user
list and it was offputting to more than one person. I did not, however,
make "snyde remarks and taunts" apart from this initial smartassery.  I
did point out that you refuted something I did not actually say.

If you go to the bother of picking everything apart that I said, you'll
find that objectively there is very little to be found of the malice you
felt subjected to.  Nevertheless you are not alone in that impression:
I definitely am failing at communicating well.

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