Thank you very much Jacques.

lyLuaTeX is a godsent! and solves so much of my problems.
It is now possible for those so inclined to do complete one-stop digital presentations were previously it was a multi document nightmare.

Last questions
I will work through directories of public lilypond routines to verify it works with lyluatex.
Where do you prefer I post issues I find ?

I have been told that lilypond UG is the place by some (why I am here in the first place) and others recommended the bugtracker.
I would think the latter, but I am not sure and you would know.

Looking forward to the next release.
thank you.

On 2018-08-10 10:57, Jacques Peron wrote:

Le jeu. 9 août 2018 à 23:08, [1] a
écrit :

I attach an example file.
You can check that the lilypond section compiles correctly with
It however fails with lyLuaTeX

The problem comes from the commentaries in the scheme code (;;) :
I’ll have to fix it in lyluatex. Meanwhile, as a temporary
workaround, you could use \begin{lilypond}[] instead of

Good luck with lyluatex !

Fr. Jacques Peron +


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