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Am 11.08.2018 um 06:53 schrieb
I assumed it wasnt code and some arbitrary form of quotation.
Bad assumption.
thanks that settles it.

To the other post.
Definitely three steps above in my browser.

On 2018-08-11 00:40, Brian Barker wrote:
At 00:09 11/08/2018 -0400, Nobody Noname wrote:
From the Lilypond manual,

 I use the following code for figured bass.

(The code is 3-steps above "Predefined commands" at the end)

  \new Staff = "myStaff"
  \figuremode {
    <4>4 <10 6>8 s8
    <6 4>4 <6 4>
  %% Put notes on same Staff as figures
  \context Staff = "myStaff"
    \clef bass
    c4 c'8 r8 c4 c'

If I compile it with Lilypond I get the attached image image-1 and with lyluatex I get attached image-2. Both image-1 and image-2 disagree with what the manual shows the code should output. What do I do wrong ? [...]

You arbitrarily omitted the double angle brackets shown in the
example, which indicate simultaneous expressions.

Brian Barker

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