Hi all,

I'm currently rewriting my lilyglyphs package (http://ctan.org/pkg/lilyglyphs, 
https://github.com/uliska/lualilyglyphs) to make better use of advanced Lua 
functionality, which I hope will be great for future extensibility. And right 
now I've come across a great opportunity for someone (or somemultiple) people 
with little programming background but great enthusiasm to help me with that 

There has always been a command lilyText{} that simply renders its argument 
using the Emmentaler font, which works for the rather few characters in 
Emmentaler that are at the regular positions in the font, namely dynamic 
letters, numbers and punctuation. In the earlier implementation I had added a 
number of special commands to typeset dynamic letter combinations that need 
kerning, e.g. lilyRFZ. But now I've implemented functionality to declare 
kerning pairs so one can simply write lilyText{rfz} and have the necessary 
kerning between the 'r' and the 'f' applied automatically.

This is a huge improvement because now it's only necessary to define one Lua 
table with kerning pairs for each supported notation font (I intend to have 
lilyglyphs support all the notation fonts that are available under a free 
license). I have created a kerning pair matrix to print all character 
combinations, and I've written pairs for all the "fX" pairs in Emmentaler. 
Attached you'll find that row before and after applying kerning to see the 
effect, and the PDF with the whole matrix for Emmentaler and LilyJAZZ.

However, while this is a very uncomplicated process it is also time consuming, 
and I think my time would be better spent continuing with the *programming*. At 
the same time it would be a great opportunity for one or more people 
contributing to a useful package who don't have a strong programming background 
but are enthusiastic about finding the right kerning values at the second or 
third fractional digit ;-)

Requirements would only be the capability to fill in a Lua table after a model 
(I'd say anyone able to write LilyPond code should qualify) and to set up a 
LuaLaTeX system with a few unreleased packages from Github. Essentially what 
has to be done is complete this table/file 
 and possibly add more for additional fonts.

I'm looking forward to any feedback and assistance

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