14. August 2019 11:55, "David Kastrup" <d...@gnu.org> schrieb:

> "Urs Liska" <li...@openlilylib.org> writes:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm currently rewriting my lilyglyphs package
>> ...
> Wouldn't it be a lot more generally useful (and likely more efficient
> since the mechanism is made for that) to just add those kerning pairs to
> the Emmentaler font itself?

How does LilyPond typeset letter combinations, would adding kerning pairs to 
the font affect the use *in LilyPond* in any way?
If not it may indeed make sense to have the kerning in the font itself.

It seems more easy to implement directly in the LaTeX package, especially 
concerning contribution, since it doesn't rely on compiling LilyPond (and even 
waiting for a release).

I'm thinking of a fallback solution where kerning pairs are defined for 
Emmentaler while other fonts only have to declare deviations from that. This 
wouldn't be possible with kerning built into the font. Plus, the current 
approach does not require to update an arbitrary number of fonts.

What might other use cases beside typesetting in LilyPond and including in text 
through lilyglyphs be that benefit from updating the font itself?

I'm not sure about this, asking honestly.


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