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Hi all,

I'd like to add LilyPond syntax highlighting to highlight.js ( ) so that I can experiment with documentation tools such as mkDocs/readthedocs. Does anyone have any experience with this? Would it just be a matter of getting one of the current syntax packages (such as or , and trying to modify them?

I don't have any experience with highlight.js.
Some years ago I started writing a Pygments definition for LilyPond but then I gave up or simply forgot about it.

The Sublimetext and Atom packages might be useful as a reference, but I guess that highlight.js will need its own syntax so you'd better start from scratch.

The problem with syntax highlighting is maintainance. LilyPond syntax changes and a manually compiled list must be updated manually for every new stable release.

See also python-ly:

Personally I'd be more interested in adding lilypond to Pygments.
Pygments can be easily exported to chroma¹ (for Hugo² static site generator).
And it seems Pygments may be used also in Mkdocs, see this discussion:


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