I quote Carl's words:

"So offset applies to the *estimated* position, and then the spacing engine
works on the offset+estimated postion and ends up putting things where it
thinks they belong"

I checked that with the examples made before and it seems absolutely true.

Then: you have to offset an estimated position. How could you do that if
you don't know this estimated position?


On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 10:46 PM Aaron Hill <lilyp...@hillvisions.com>

> On 2020-01-15 1:21 pm, Paolo Prete wrote:
> > Without a proper behavior of the "\offset" command you cannot do nor
> > the
> > automatic 2) placement, nor a fine tuning.
> What is "proper behavior" for \offset to you?  It is my understanding
> \offset works precisely as documented, but that is a worthless metric if
> the documented behavior is not what people need of a tool.
> -- Aaron Hill

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