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I don't think it really matters what version of linux to use, since obviously the 
lecturer and the
are going to prepare their material in advance, being the most informed in the class.
i.e. the most important thing is that the lecturer and the ta will have good knowledge 
about what
they teach.
actually, it would be better to use the latest stable kernel, since after a few years 
in the
it too becomes obsolete, so when you go out to work you have obsolete knowledge.
better invest a little more effort in higher standards.
in addition, no new course ever starts with the final structure in mind. it grows 
over several semesters until the lecturer feels its adequate.
meaning, you can start by teaching only the scheduling part of the code and devices, 
and next
semester you can add memory, caching, etc.. untill you get a feel that the course has
reached his goal.
obviously, you cannot go over all the issues, and actually over several semester 
interest in a continual course that will extend on the original, as most courses do in 
the technion.
the continual courses almost always starts as free choice courses so obviously the 
first course
should have that in mind.
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> > 1. Opinions: Is Linux a good candidate for such a course, as opposed to, for
> > example, FreeBSD? Please provide good documentation sources, formal and
> > informal, online and hard-copy, for both the kernel and API. Consistency
> > between the existing kernel and the documentation is a MAJOR factor (for
> > example, I heard many rumors about rapid under-documented changes in the
> > virtual memory)
> So?
> Pick one that is documented by a book
> I don't think that the course is intended to teach "current linux". It is
> intended to teach "a modern OS", with linux serving as an example
> FWIW, kernel 2.2 can still run nicely with most recent hardware (at least
> the necessary). USB keayboard/mouse might pose some problems, though
> And even kernel 2.0 is still maintained (well: sort of)
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