On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, DRYICE wrote:

> There has been some talk of giving a rerun ow W2L lecture
> 0, intro to programing under linux again,
> also this coming semster, for the MATAM students,
> taking it this semster. (most people take MATAM in 
> the spring semester)
> Do we want to give the lecture again? 

i'd say it sounds like a good idea.

> if so, Am I to be giving it?

i didn't go to your first lecture, but if you feel it was good, and are 
willing to give it another go - i'm all for it.

> do we want modifications?

one modification is required - to show people how to work on a small 
program easily. for this they need to be able to change the 'make' command 
of emacs, i.e. when they run M-X compile, they should replace 'make -k' 
with 'gcc -g -o blabla *.c' (or 'g++ -g -o blabla *.cpp). otherwise, they 
get stuck, for lack of knowledge on how to write Makefiles.

this also means putting the sources in a seperate directory for each 
program, even if it is a single-source program.


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