> There has been some talk of giving a rerun ow W2L lecture
> 0, intro to programing under linux again,
> also this coming semster, for the MATAM students,
> taking it this semster. (most people take MATAM in
> the spring semester)
> Do we want to give the lecture again? 
I have been at that W2L/0 lecture, and it was really good.
But I wasn't a MATAM student, but rather an EE's OS structures student.
It really helped me in that course since all the homeworks had to be
done under Linux. But the problem is that all of the course students
were programming under Linux for the whole semester, and did it really
badly cursing every other minutes, because they didn't attend the
lecture, and didn't know even the basic usage of a modern Linux. So for
that much more publication is needed. Inform the course staff so they'll
enounce about the lecture and haifux in the first lectures and
throughout the course when more advanced questions about Linux is
raised. I'm not sure how much it is allowed, but I believe that it's not
that a big of problem, and to hang an ad in the Linux farm(in EE and
CS), giving an address of where to turn in problems and basic usage of
Linux, the address where the slides for this W2L/0 is located.
Additionally in EE there is a similar course to MATAM, called MAMAT.
Their official computer is T2, and the course staff recommends using
Linux for programming, since it's similar to T2. But all the course
programs under Visual, and just does the basic compiling under T2. Here
the promoting work is a bit tougher, since we have to convince them to
move from Visual to Linux.
> if so, Am I to be giving it?
> do we want modifications?

The basic idea was absolutely correct, but some additions are welcomed:
In emacs I used all the time the Ctrl-K / Ctrl-Y as explained in the
lecture, but at some time it became very limiting, since it's really
hard to copy long blocks with that, and specific partial lines. So basic
copy-paste with keyboard and mouse should be explained. And note, that
no windows user will ever guess that paste is the left and right mouse
buttons together. Also after compiling a window pops up, to get rid of
it is Ctrl-1. (while Ctrl-x-~ is really awesome...) Also general
explanations what is buffer, block and other emacs'es definitions is
important for someone that came from windows. In DDD some small
explanations are due. Except of basic keys, other notes are important:
after segmentation faults backtrace is great, on Signals hw, signal
sending from DDD is great, on threads hw, threads window on DDD is also
great. People will really realize that DDD is great. About valgrind.
Since all of the hw I have been doing on the Linux farm in Technion, I
didn't manage installing it. And there were really few people that did
install Linux at home because of the course. So it could be a good
reason to make people install Linux at home, or just find some other
utility that is standard and installed in Technion.

Hope it will help,

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