As a reminder of the current status of R2L:

It currently builds and works. However building may require editing some
makefiles, or giving a big "make" command. R2l control front-ends are
available for:

* terminal
* A dock applet (for window-maker and such)
* A gnome applet (for the gnome panel)

Current files are in:

Is R2L Still Needed?
Basically, Yes, until KDE3 and gnome 2 will become widely deployed. KDE3
(actually: QT3) and gnome2 (actually: GTK+2) include reasonable
bidirectional Hebrew support. Once all the programs on the desktop will
have native bidi support, there will be no need for hacked bidi support.

As for the hack value: this is a seperate issue.

What is Missing?
* autoconf (or some other automatic configuration)
I have an almost-working autoconf script now. However, I encountered soe
problems. Anybody here with an experince with autoconf?

* Documentation
e.g: a man page, that will also document BIDITEXT_OPTIONS

* Missing features:

  - KDE front-end

  Also, In the light of a recent thread in linux-il I thought that the
  following features may be useful:

  - Tracing to a file (?)
    Currently the debug tracing is done to the standard input. However,
    it seems that some programs (like bonobo components) are created by
    daemons with no attached terminal. It seems that if I want to print
    traces I need to print it to a file.

    I know how to pass the file name (through BIDITEXT_OPTIONS). However
    writing to the file itself is more problematic, as there may be
    multiple processes writing to it.

    Do you think that adding this is something simple? (I have no
    experince with file locking, etc.)

  - r2llib implementation with window properties
    This has been discussed in the past, and rejected. However, in light
    of a program like evolution, it might be worth reconsidering.

    The idea is that r2llib should hold the information not in a size of
    a file, but in properties of a top-level window.

    What will it take to re-implement r2llib that way?

Tzafrir Cohen

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