== This Week ==

* TCWG-72 (3/10)
- Committed patch to remove optab functions for [us]divmod_optab after
Bernd's approval.
- My assumption that __udivmoddi4 is generically available is perhaps
wrong, call to __udivmoddi4
  generates undefined reference error on aarch64-linux-gnu. To be
safe, I dropped generating call
  to __udivmoddi4.
- Patch posted upstream

* TCWG-834 / PR71636 (1/10):
- Patch posted upstream.

* Misc (2/10)
- PR35503: Changes to C++FE approved by Jason, waiting for approval to
C, C-family changes.
- Posted patch upstream to add reverse keyword to genmatch
- Posted patch for abe bug 1439
- Meetings

* Public Holidays (4/10)

== Next Week ==
- TCWG-72, TCWG-665, TCWG-319
- Add support to tcwg-buildapp for SPEC2000 and SPEC2006.
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