On 20/09/16 19:53, Alexandre Poux wrote:
> As for moving data to an another volume, since it's only data and
> nothing fancy (no subvolume or anything), a simple rsync would do the trick.
> My problem in this case is that I don't have enough available space
> elsewhere to move my data.
> That's why I'm trying this hard to recover the partition...

I am sure you have already thought about this, but... it might be
easier, and even maybe faster, to backup the data to a cloud server,
then recreate and download again.

Backblaze B2 is very cheap for upload and storage (don't know about
download charges, though).  And rclone works well to handle rsync-style
copies (although you might want to use tar or dar if you need to
preserve file attributes).

And if that works, rclone + B2 might make a reasonable offsite backup
solution for the future!

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