On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, Jonathan Corbet wrote:

> When you talk of LPI certification for courseware, we do, of course, have
> some interest.  There is, however, one aspect to this that I don't
> understand, yet.  Are you looking to certify:
> 1) Courseware which is being offered as a product in its own right, or
> 2) Courseware used in the teaching of classes.
> We do not currently sell our education materials separately from our class
> offerings, though we have considered it - we get occasional queries.  If we
> continue not to sell them, is this potential certification offering aimed
> at us or not?

  I am not sure what you mean here.  Would you like to be certified for
the way the courses are tought in the classes?  That seems unpractical.
What I have been thinking about is scrutinizing the published material,
and we trust that is used well in the teaching of the courses.  Certifying
trainers is another issue, but in my opinion that is a matter of the
course vendors and not of LPI.

> Is the idea that certification would mean that the courseware somehow
> addresses all of the objectives put forward for the Level N exams?  Will
> you have different certifications for each level?

  I think we will say that a certain course will prepare for the exams
x,y,z .
> We've been looking at how closely our courses address the Level I
> objectives.  So far we cover them pretty well, and go substantially beyond
> most of them.  There are, however, some objectives (i.e. "function on the
> command line, deal with environment variables, use vi") that cover skills
> that we assume our students already have.  Thus, we have no coverage of how
> to use the vi editor.  
> Adding vi to our course is not something we want to do.  We would rather be
> teaching our students how to set up firewalls and other fun things like
> that.  Does that mean our courseware would not be eligible for
> certification? 

  Yes, I think there is a problem if the courseware does not cover some
areas that candidates will be tested for in the exams.  however, I think
it is easily solved: apparently your courses require some pre-requisites.
If these are made explicit and they fill in the gaps we see in coverage of
our objectives, we all can still trust the candidates are prepared for the


        Tom "thriving on chaos" Peters
        Program Director, LPI.

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