Chuck Mead wrote:
> > >
> > > As they've been asking for it I don't think they're concerned with this... and
> > > an additional point is that it's a merit based adjudication based on their
> > > content... how is that "preferred"? It's how the market works in any event.
> >
> > I don't believe that designing a merit-based adjucation system is going
> > to be easy or cheap.  Plus, if there is a lot of money to be made of
> > courseware, then the LPI seal of approval will become very valuable.
> You've made my point... again... thanx! <grin>
> > When there's big money on the table, people like to hedge their bets.
> Let 'em hedge all they want. The only thing we ever promised the vendors was a
> cert program... and now, as a class, they're asking for this... what are we
> supposed to do... give it away, and our credibility with it? Not! 

Also to clarify my point on ethical issues.  Assuming for the moment
that LPI becomes wildly successful, we're all in agreement that LPI
branding or accreditation will be a valuable asset to possess.  Because
of this, there is an ecomomic incentive to try to tamper with the
process in order to accrue benefits including but not limited to:

    o   Accreditation without meeting all the standards.
    o   Keeping competitors from acquiring accreditation

A little bit of judicious "gifting" could be used to tip the scales in
either one or both of these directions.  Am I making my case clearly?

It's worth something to be LPI accredited.
It's also worth something if your competitors aren't.
Wouldn't it be easy to slip the review committee a few 50 yard line
seats at the Super Bowl if it would grease the wheels?  *wink* *wink*
*nudge* *nudge* Eh?


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