Am 15.10.2016 um 17:05 schrieb Stephan Mueller <>:

> Hi,
> I am converting the kernel crypto API DocBook into Sphinx. The conversion is 
> complete, but I am having difficulties finding the cause for the following 
> notification obtained during the Sphinx compilation:
> ./include/linux/crypto.h:1: warning: no structured comments found
> I am unsure what is wrong in line 1 of the mentioned header.
> Thanks a lot
> Stephan

Hi Stephan,

I suppose you have a typo in one of your kernel-doc
directives. E.g.::

 .. kernel-doc:: include/linux/crypto.h
     :functions: fooTypo

will produce those error messages:

 $ ./scripts/kernel-doc -function fooTypo  -rst ./include/linux/crypto.h
 ./include/linux/crypto.h:1: warning: no structured comments found

hope that helps.


IMO the kernel-doc parser in the kernel sources is lazy.  In my
linuxdoc project you will find a more enthusiastic one with a
lint command.

Even if this kernel-doc parser is not (yet) a part of the kernel
source tree, the kernel-lintdoc command might be helpful
finding (more) issues

The installation is quite simple:

 pip install git+

The next hint might be a bit to late for you, but there is a
*automatic* DocBook to reST migration of the crypto API:

This migration is done with the my dbxm2rst project:

If you need more help or want to migrate more DocBook
documentation to reST ... don't hesitate to contact me
(on the ML or directly / de-de ;-)

-- Markus --

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