Am Samstag, 15. Oktober 2016, 18:12:36 CEST schrieb Markus Heiser:

Hi Markus,

> I suppose you have a typo in one of your kernel-doc
> directives. E.g.::
>  .. kernel-doc:: include/linux/crypto.h
>      :functions: fooTypo
> will produce those error messages:
>  $ ./scripts/kernel-doc -function fooTypo  -rst ./include/linux/crypto.h
>  ./include/linux/crypto.h:1: warning: no structured comments found
> hope that helps.

Thanks for the hint. The issue was a removed API call.

> The next hint might be a bit to late for you, but there is a
> *automatic* DocBook to reST migration of the crypto API:
> s_migrated/crypto-API

Thanks for the hint. You are right, it is a bit late, but the DocBook to 
Sphinx converter helped me.

With Sphinx now, I also split up the document into more manageable chunks and 
fixed some small issues.

Thanks for your help.

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