On 2/26/21 10:35 PM, yumeng wrote:

在 2021/2/26 0:08, Stefan Berger 写道:
From: Stefan Berger <stef...@linux.ibm.com>

diff --git a/certs/Makefile b/certs/Makefile
index 3fe6b73786fa..c487d7021c54 100644
--- a/certs/Makefile
+++ b/certs/Makefile
@@ -69,6 +69,18 @@ else
  SIGNER = -signkey $(obj)/signing_key.key

Is there anything wrong in this patch?
I can't apply it when I use 'git am '.
errors like below:

This patch builds on top Nayna's series for 'kernel build support for
loading the kernel module signing key'.


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