Rob Landley wrote:
> In a private email, Bernd Petrovitsch suggested "set -- $i" and then
> using NAME=$1; PERIOD=$2.  (I keep getting private email responses
> to these sort of threads, and then getting dismissed as the only one
> who cares about the issue.  Less so this time around, but still...)
> This apparently works all the way back to the bourne shell.

If you're going "all the way back to the bourne shell", don't use "set
-- $i"; use "set x $i" instead, and don't expect to do any arithmetic
in the shell; use "expr" or "awk" for arithmetic.

(Not relevant to kernel scripts, imho, since you can always assume
something a bit more modern and not too stripped down).

(I have 850 Linux boxes on my network with a bourne shell which
doesn't do $((...)).  I won't be building kernels on them though :-)

-- Jamie
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