Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:
> I assume that the NFS-mounted root filesystem is a real distribution.

Not unless you call uClinux (MMU-less) a real distribution, no.

> > (* - No MMU on some ARMs, but I'm working on ARM FDPIC-ELF to add
> >      proper shared libs.  Feel free to fund this :-)
> The above mentioned ARMs have a MMU. Without MMU, it would be truly
> insane IMHO.

We have similar cross-build issues without MMUs... I.e. that a lot of
useful packages don't cross-build properly (including many which use
Autoconf), and it might be easier to make a native build environment
than to debug and patch all the broken-for-cross-build packages.
Especially as sometimes they build, but fail at run-time in some

But you're right it's probably insane to try.  I haven't dared as I
suspect GCC and/or Binutils would break too :-)

I'm sticking instead with "oh well cross-build a few packages by hand
and just don't even _try_ to use most of the handy software out there".

You mentioned ARM Debian.  According to one recommended method of
bootstrapping it is building natively on an emulated ARM, because
cross-building is fragile.

-- Jamie
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