Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:
> > (I have 850 Linux boxes on my network with a bourne shell which
> > doesn't do $((...)).  I won't be building kernels on them though :-)
> Believe it or not, but there are folks out there who build the firmware
> on ARM 200 MHz NFS-mounted systems natively  (and not simply
> cross-compile it on a 2GHz PC .....).


My 850 Linux boxes are 166MHz ARMs and occasionally NFS-mounted.
Their /bin/sh does not do $((...)), and Bash is not there at all.

If I were installing GCC natively on them, I'd install GNU Make and a
proper shell while I were at it.  But I don't know if Bash works
properly without fork()* - or even if GCC does :-)

Perl might be hard, as shared libraries aren't supported by the
toolchain which targets my ARMs* and Perl likes its loadable modules.

I'm not sure why I would want to build a kernel on these devices.

But I see why people with mobile ARM devices like gphones might
want to, when they're out travelling.

-- Jamie

(* - No MMU on some ARMs, but I'm working on ARM FDPIC-ELF to add
     proper shared libs.  Feel free to fund this :-)
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