On Sun, Sep 04, 2005 at 08:15:22AM -0400, Harold Hartley wrote:

> I must agree as I have found it talks in some places about files that 
> are not relevent to most distro's now and in fact are very out of date.
> Now with the newer files such as the ax25-config, ax25-tools and 
> ax25-apps, most of the how-to don't apply to the newer files and mainly 
> applies the the old ax25-utils and such...
> I'm wondering if someone will evenually update the How-to in places that 
> does need some update to, but not all the How-to needs updating.

THe AX.25 and Ham Howtos are all horribly outdated - probably beyond
recovery.  I'm working on converting them into a wiki so everybody
can start contributing.

73 de DL5RB op Ralf

Loc. JN47BS / CQ 14 / ITU 28 / DOK A21
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