Hi Michael,

> Do I understand it right, I can set the Master in slave mode and the
> new slave get his own i2c-adresse?

Yes, you can have your own address then. Note that I recently gave a
talk about the slave framework. You can find the slides here:


Search for my name there. And if you wait some more, the video will be
there, too, which will be much more helpful than the slides only. And
there is the regular documentation:


> Say that, I can connect a Master from the outside, without this
> leading to problems?
> If the master switch to slave, then stops SCL? Or how does it work?

I suggest getting the I2C specifications from the web and read about
"multi master" and "bus arbitration" to understand how it works. Please
note that true multi-master busses can in practice be tricky. Shall your
mx6 also be master, or slave only?

> Is the EEPROM simulator only available if I rewrote "i2c-IMX" drivers
> to the slave support?


> Does anyone know if anyone is working on this driver?

I don't know of; but I put some more people on CC who regularly work on
Freescale SoCs.

> Would it theoretically be enough to write 0x80 in the "I2Cx_I2CR"
> register to set MSTA Bit to
> slave mode. "Changing MSTA from 1 to 0 generates a Stop and selects Slave 
> mode."
> Or then disturbs the old driver?

You need more to do this. You need to handle slave interrupts. See the

Good luck,


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