I'm just going to rewrite your rcar driver for the i.mx6 processor.

thanks to your comments in the rcar driver, I understand the function
of each register. But I'd like a manual of this board. Where is
accurately entered into the individual registers.
The product spectrum from Renesas is very large and actually very
confusing for me.
Had someone for me a manual by the individual registers are explained.
So that I can understand the rcar driver better.


2015-11-10 9:59 GMT+01:00 Wolfram Sang <w...@the-dreams.de>:
> Hi Michael,
>> Do I understand it right, I can set the Master in slave mode and the
>> new slave get his own i2c-adresse?
> Yes, you can have your own address then. Note that I recently gave a
> talk about the slave framework. You can find the slides here:
> http://elinux.org/ELCE_2015_Presentations
> Search for my name there. And if you wait some more, the video will be
> there, too, which will be much more helpful than the slides only. And
> there is the regular documentation:
> Documentation/i2c/slave-interface
>> Say that, I can connect a Master from the outside, without this
>> leading to problems?
>> If the master switch to slave, then stops SCL? Or how does it work?
> I suggest getting the I2C specifications from the web and read about
> "multi master" and "bus arbitration" to understand how it works. Please
> note that true multi-master busses can in practice be tricky. Shall your
> mx6 also be master, or slave only?
>> Is the EEPROM simulator only available if I rewrote "i2c-IMX" drivers
>> to the slave support?
> Yes.
>> Does anyone know if anyone is working on this driver?
> I don't know of; but I put some more people on CC who regularly work on
> Freescale SoCs.
>> Would it theoretically be enough to write 0x80 in the "I2Cx_I2CR"
>> register to set MSTA Bit to
>> slave mode. "Changing MSTA from 1 to 0 generates a Stop and selects Slave 
>> mode."
>> Or then disturbs the old driver?
> You need more to do this. You need to handle slave interrupts. See the
> documentation.
> Good luck,
>    Wolfram
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