Hello, Thomas.

Thomas Evans wrote:
>> What do you mean by eSata PMP enclosure?  Is it a different PMP device?
> It is an external PMP box, 5 drive bays - it is the exact same
> manufacturer and is based on the same PMP:
> 0x1095:0x4726 r31, 7 ports, feat 0x1/0x9


>>> I can hook the card and storage enclosure to a windows box and can see
>>> the PM and the drives (and the config space).
>> Hmmm.......
> Yeah - I was perplexed at this point as well ...  I even upgraded the
> BIOS in the card, just hoping ...

Can you install linux on a x86 machine and see whether anything is

> I've attached a few logs - one that references how things looked when it
> all worked.
> I've logs of both the original Norco 4618 card (lspci64.2 and
> dmesg.txt.2) and with the
> newer generic 3124 card (dmesg.txt.newcard lspci.newcard.2).


 I'm not so good with deciphering the PCI-isms - maybe I just need a
> shorter cable now!?

I have no idea but trying a shorter cable is definitely an option.


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