Thomas Evans wrote:
> On 1/21/08, Tejun Heo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Can you install linux on a x86 machine and see whether anything is
>> different?
> Did that today - it mostly works.  There is some sort of conflict with
> the card on the PC I am using.  During POST I sometimes get a "Plug
> and Play configuration error" when the PMP array is plugged into a
> port.
> If I leave it unplugged until I get to GRUB, I can boot and see the
> drives and mount the array.  This is the same card as I have been
> using throughout.
> If I forget and get the "Plug and Play" error, disconnecting the
> drives and resetting isn't enough, nor is power cycling *or*
> unplugging the machine.  I have to physically remove the card and
> restart without it, power down and then re-insert it.  I could only
> plug the card into a 32bit slot, btw.

So, except for BIOS weirdness, it works.

> I have trouble believing that both alpha systems are somehow faulty
> does it happen that BIOSs store away any information about PCI
> devices?

On x86, BIOS runs, on alpha, it doesn't.  It could be that BIOS
configures something.  Can you please post the result of 'lspci
-nnvvvxxx' of the sil24 controller on alpha and x86?

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