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Quoting Tejun:
> Uh-oh, wait a bit. Nope. Until we figure out what the something else
> and positively verify 64bit DMA works fine, the quirk stays in.

Our HW engineer has confirmed that our SB600 SATA controller indeed has
some MSI issue, and we do not have any workaround.

The workaround "quirk_msi_intx_disable_bug" to SB700 SATA controller
can NOT work to SB600 SATA controller in my debug, while disablement to
RS690 MSI in kernel source can fix it.

As to the SB600 64 bit DMA capacity, do you have any methods to do
verification? I do NOT find any problem in my debug after I disabled
MSI in kernel 2.6.24-rc7.


Best Regards

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From: Shane Huang 
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 2:56 PM
Cc: 'Tejun Heo'; Shane Huang
Subject: About forcing 32bit DMA patch for AMD690G(SB600)
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Hi Srihari:

This Shane @ AMD. I'm sorry to disturb you.

I find that there is one patch which forces SB600 use 32bit DMA:;a=commi

This patch was submitted by Tejun to fix one issue on your platform:

But after a discussion with our hardware engineers, Tejun(the patch
and some debugging, we believe that that SB600 can support 64 bit DMA,
the root cause should be something else, while disablement to RS690 MSI
in kernel source can be the workaround.
So, we are going withdraw Tejun's patch ASAP.

I wonder whether you still have that AMD690G platform or not?
Are you able to help to do further confirmation before we withdraw it?

You can just download kernel was used when you reported
the bug), apply the attached disable_RS690_MSI.patch, and build the
Please tell me if that patch can fix your issue without Tejun's patch.
This patch has been proved to work on my RS690+SB600 under Fedora7

You can also try my another disable_MSI_and_withdraw_32bit.patch
under linux kernel 2.6.24-rc7, to see whether this patch can fix your
issue too. This method also can work on my RS690+SB600 platform.

Thanks & waiting for your test result~~~ :-)

Best Regards

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