Dear Tejun:

> The test results point to varied kinds and degrees of problems.  At
> the moment.  To avoid turning off anything fancy on systems involving
> SB600/700, we definitely need more info.
> Shane, can you please summarize chipset product lines and revisions
> and how they're configured together (e.g. SB600 Axx goes together with
> RSxxx kind of stuff)?

I'll have to ask for other guys' help to summarize them, and will
it here once I get it.

> Currently the following issues have been discovered and we need to
> find out what's caused by which.
> ..........
> ..........
> * Shane's test with RS690 + SB600 triggered a weird SERR_INTERNAL
>   error condition if pci=nomsi is used insted of
>   quirk_disable_all_msi.  This is super-weird.  Maybe difference in
>   memory layout and 64bit DMA acutally didn't work?  Shane, can you
>   please do some data write/read/verify test on the setup?

I will do further debug on these issues before long, because I'm busy
with other issues and my SB600 board is being used by other guy.. :-(


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