I'll try to get that configuration together.. right now I only have 2
1gb sticks installed on the board, so I would need to track down 2gb
ones. If I can find some laying around, I'll let you know.


On Jan 25, 2008 12:50 AM, Tejun Heo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Andrew Paprocki wrote:
> > I have an SB600/RS690 here with SATA drives connected. I haven't been
> > following this thread, but I can help test something if it would help.
> We're trying to determine whether SB600 ahci controller can do 64bit DMA
> or not.  Srihari's couldn't but Shane's test result tells a different
> story.  Do you have memory mapped over 4G (if you have 4G some of them
> will be over 4G, you can know this by looking at the e820 map printed
> during boot)?
> --
> tejun
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