Uri Bruck wrote:

> This is a matter of who owns the resources. It's no different than posing 
> limitations on private phone calls on the office phones, or on company 
> time. When an employer provides an employee with an email account due to 
> the fact that this person is an employee, then this email account is 
> intended to be used for work, and belongs to the employer.

Originaly it did not. In the Electronic Communications Prvacy Act (ECPA)
of 1988, the wiretaping laws were specificly exempted for "communications
providers". This was intended to be phone companies, what became ISPs, 
etc. The courts had a different idea and ruled that it included anyone
who pays the bill. 

So in the U.S. your employer can legaly tap your phone, read your email,
etc, in fact mine does. It's a well stated company policy. 

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