Hi people,
I'm planning to add some big storage solution to my VPS
I did some checking and calculated the costs, and figured out that if I want
to have a decent 12TB solution NAS box, it would be best if I would roll my
own. (12 TB before all the RAID stuff, after that it would lot less). All
other solutions are very expensive (example: IBM EXP 3000 costs here 6K nis
without a single hard disk).

I'm planning to use hardware based RAID card, minimal Linux distribution and
have some offers like iSCSI, NFS, CIFS - the usual suspects.

My question is: since I'll use hardware RAID card, which processor and how
much RAM should I put in such a machine? Xeon is overkill IIRC.

What do you suggest?

Thanks and Shana Tova

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