I am using a dual core machine with 1GB ram just for the OS even though its
not scratching the 50% usage
My raid controller is 3ware 9550SX-12LP 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X with 256 MB DDR2
400 memory with ECC protection supporting all raid types and with RISC
PowerPC cpu to provide real HW raid
This host is handling more then 8TB in Raid1 and Raid5 units easy and you
can leave hot spare drives and setup fast rebuild
Notifications both in snmp and mail will provide you alerts once a unit is
degraded or drive is giving errors (pre-fail)
I do recomment using real 64-bit interface and well... this card is old, you
can get newer and better similar cards.. so do the math
Shana tova to all


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Hi people,
I'm planning to add some big storage solution to my VPS business
<http://hetz.biz> . I did some checking and calculated the costs, and
figured out that if I want to have a decent 12TB solution NAS box, it would
be best if I would roll my own. (12 TB before all the RAID stuff, after that
it would lot less). All other solutions are very expensive (example: IBM EXP
3000 costs here 6K nis without a single hard disk). 

I'm planning to use hardware based RAID card, minimal Linux distribution and
have some offers like iSCSI, NFS, CIFS - the usual suspects.

My question is: since I'll use hardware RAID card, which processor and how
much RAM should I put in such a machine? Xeon is overkill IIRC.

What do you suggest?

Thanks and Shana Tova

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