> Hello list, 
> you are talking about tuner_config = 1 for the hvr 1110, right ?
No. We're talking about the switch_addr variable. This variable is not 
changeable with module parameters.

> Changing this option doesn't affect the qualitie of the signal on tv see
> it 's an "old"
> discussion in french. This option, as far as i remenber, was not provided by
> me ...

> anyway with tuner debug=1 and .tuner_config=1 , i have no line with AGC  or
> LNA on dmesg

You only get this output if you enable debugging. Here's what i have (gentoo):
and...@tv /etc/modprobe.d $ grep '' saa7134 saa7134_alsa tda827x tda8290 tuner
saa7134:options saa7134 disable_ir=1 alsa=1 core_debug=1 i2c_debug=1
saa7134:#options saa7134 alsa=1
saa7134_alsa:options saa7134_alsa debug=1
tda827x:options tda827x debug=1
tda8290:options tda8290 debug=1
tuner:options tuner debug=1

If you adjust your module options similarly, you'll get more info in dmesg.

If you're ok with patching kernel source, could you try the patch I sent?

> I have somme glitchs with hvr1110 on dvb (not analogic tv) and many for  one
> particular station call M6 (and i'm not the only one user, see  previous post
> on, with short or long distance from tv  relay) . Bug on 310i
> means potentially bug on hvr1110 as configuration  on hvr 1110 was made from
> 310i 

I've never tried my 310i on digital (dvb-t), so I'm afraid I cannot help you 
there. I use it on analogue cable tv.


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