I have a Labtec Webcam 2200 and I have problems with the image quality
with Linux 2.6.31 + libv4l 0.6.1. I made some experiments and stored
each captured image as raw data and when libv4l was able to convert
then I also stored the result as bmp.

You can find my results at 
There are three types of problems:
 a) Sometimes the picture contains a 8x8 pixel error, like in image #9
 b) Sometimes the brightness of the half picture is changed, like in
    images #7, #36 and #37
 c) Sometimes the libv4l cannot convert the raw image and the errno
    is set to EAGAIN (11), for example image #1, #2 and #3

Do you know how can I fix these problems?


        Márton Németh
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