The point is that for simple usage, like an user plugging his new USB stick
he just bought, he should be able to use the shipped IR without needing to
configure anything or manually calling any daemon. This currently works
with the existing drivers and it is a feature that needs to be kept.

Admittedly, LIRC is way behind when it comes to plug'n'play.

Should not be that hard to fixup.

When moving the keytable loading from kernel to userspace the kernel drivers have to inform userspace anyway what kind of hardware the IR device is, so udev can figure what keytable it should load. A sysfs attribute is the way to go here I think.

lirc drivers can do the same, and lircd can startup with a reasonable (default) configuration.

Of course evdev and lirc subsytems/drivers should agree on which attributes should be defined and how they are filled.

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