On Dec 1, 2009, at 10:28 AM, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:

>> Anyway, we shouldn't postpone lirc drivers addition due to that. There are 
>> still lots of work
>> to do before we'll be able to split the tables from the kernel drivers.
> Indeed.  The sysfs bits are future work for both lirc and evdev drivers.  
> There is no reason to make the lirc merge wait for it.

At this point, my plan is to try to finish cleaning up lirc_dev and lirc_mceusb 
at least over the weekend while at FUDCon up in Toronto, and resubmit them next 

I'm still on the fence over what to do about lirc_imon. The driver supports 
essentially 3 generations of devices. First-gen is very old imon parts that 
don't do onboard decoding. Second-gen is the devices that all got (insanely 
stupidly) tagged with the exact same usb device ID (0x15c2:0xffdc), some of 
which have an attached VFD, some with an attached LCD, some with neither, some 
that are actually RF parts, but all (I think) of which do onboard decoding. 
Third-gen is the latest stuff, which is all pretty sane, unique device IDs for 
unique devices, onboard decoding, etc.

So the lirc_imon I submitted supports all device types, with the onboard decode 
devices defaulting to operating as pure input devices, but an option to pass 
hex values out via the lirc interface (which is how they've historically been 
used -- the pure input stuff I hacked together just a few weeks ago), to 
prevent functional setups from being broken for those who prefer the lirc way.

What I'm debating is whether this should be split into two drivers, one for the 
older devices that don't do onboard decoding (which would use the lirc_dev 
interface) called 'lirc_imon' or 'lirc_imon_legacy', and one that is a pure 
input driver, not unlike the ati_remote{,2} drivers, with no lirc_dev 
dependency at all, probably called simply 'imon'. Could still be used with lirc 
via its devinput userspace driver, of course. But if I split it out, there may 
end up being a fair amount of code duplication, and the resulting lirc_imon 
wouldn't be as interesting to submit, and I wouldn't have any devices that 
worked with it, I've only got onboard decode devices... The new imon input 
driver would be a separate submission that is completely irrelevant to this 
whole discussion.

So perhaps for round three, lirc_dev, lirc_mceusb and lirc_zilog, to make it 
more interesting...

Jarod Wilson

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