Andy Walls <> writes:

> Yes, I agree.  I do not know what percentage of current Linux users are
> technical vs non-technical, so I cannot gauge the current improtance.
> I can see the trend line though: as time goes by, the percentage of all
> linux users that have a technical bent will only get smaller.

This IMHO shouldn't matter. If users can configure their keymaps for
e.g. games with a graphical utility (and  they easily can), they can do
the same with their remotes, at least with these using common sane
protocols. The only thing needed is a good GUI utility. Ergo - it's not
a kernel issue.

The "default bundled", or PnP, won't work well in comparison to a GUI
utility, I wouldn't worry about it too much (though adding it to udev
and co is trivial and we should do it - even if not PnP but asking first
about the actual remote used).
Krzysztof Halasa
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