Hi Dmitry,

on 06 Dec 09 at 23:51, Dmitry Torokhov wrote:
>>> I suppose we could add MSC_SCAN_END event so that we can transmit
>>> "scancodes" of arbitrary length. You'd get several MSC_SCAN followed by
>>> MSC_SCAN_END marker. If you don't get MSC_SCAN_END assume the code is 32
>>> bit.
>> And I set a timeout to know that no MSC_SCAN_END will arrive? This is
>> broken design IMHO.

> EV_SYN signals the end of state transmission.

>> Furthermore lircd needs to know the length of the scan code in bits, not
>> as a multiple of 32.

> I really do not think that LIRCD is the type of application that should
> be using evdev interface, but rather other way around.

Well, all I'm asking is that lircd can keep using the LIRC interface for  
getting the scan codes. ;-)

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